Friday June 14 “Real Comfort”

Today we try to make people feel comfortable no matter where they are and what they are doing.  Sedation Dentistry which of course is a good thing, is an example of being comfortable at a time when it could be a very uncomfortable time in a dentist’s chair.
In the Kingdom of God, things can become a little uncomfortable before they become better. In Mark Chap 7 in the Bible a woman came to Jesus for her daughter to be healed. In response, Jesus more or less called the woman a dog.  Not so sensitive was Jesus to her feelings but it evoked a response from the lady that brought healing to her daughter. There are some things happening in America that can only be resolved by us becoming a little uncomfortable before things get better.
   Let us pray that leaders will not always turn to a quick fix and that we who live in this great land will not always desire  a quick fix when there needs to be sacrifice that will heal the long-term problems.  This alone brings “Real Comfort” that endures.

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