God or Satan?

In Jesus’ day, people were, let’s say, “a little confused.”  Jesus, the good and loving Son of God was accused of being a devil.  But this was nothing new.  Job’s wife accused God of being responsible for all their losses.  “Curse God and die,” she told her husband.
In the Book, Job was asked by God, “Where were you when I created the universe?”  This meant, “Job, you cannot always understand the ‘whys’ of life.”  Job, in chapter 42:3 said, “I spoke of things I did not understand.”  Reading the Book of Job, it is easy to see it was Satan stealing, killing, and destroying.  Job didn’t read the book – he lived it first hand.
May we who live in this great land have a discernment as to whether it is God or Satan working behind the scenes when we don’t fully understand a situation.  And pray that we never sin by charging God with wrong-doing. Jesus said He came to bring abundant living.

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