June 23 2013 “Your City”

Sunday Prayer Focus 6/23/13         “Your City”

Have you ever considered the fact that the city in which you worship is a possession that the Lord has for you?  The land of Canaan was the territory given to Israel following their release from Egyptian slavery.  It was never intended to be that way but it took Israel 40 years of wilderness travel to possess that which was given them through Divine promise of God back in Egypt.

When Israel came to the Jordan River one day God miraculously made a way for His children to cross over and face the walled city of Jericho that was closed up to Israel.

But God gave Israel the key to the city, the plan to enter the city and the strength to take the city.  Of course, we are to keep in mind our weapons of warfare are not earthly but spiritual.  2 Corinthians 10:4 “ For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.”

Tonight’s prayer points for the Matthew 18:19 prayer of agreement are the following:

1)        That the local Body of Believers will discover the key to the city or county in which they worship.  Jericho’s key was the Harlot Rahab.  We many times think the Mayor, Police Chief or School Superintendent is the key to unlocking the city to present Jesus to the people.  God chose a most unlikely person. Pray that each church will recognize the key to the city.

2)       Israel’s plan from God to enter Jericho was a quiet march around the city for six days and then on the seventh day trumpets would sound and a shout would ring out.  The fortified walls would then fall down flat so that the armies of Israel could enter the city and overthrow it.  God has a way to reach into the heart of the city, dispossess the darkness and replace it with the light of His love.  Pray that God’s plan be revealed that will give an open door to the Gospel.

3)       Joshua was told to be strong, courageous and bold as he led God’s people to battle in the land they would settle and live in.  Pray that Christian leaders will seek the heart of God to courageously proclaim the truth and power of the Gospel that will win the hearts of the city through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Begin by praying for your city tonight.

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