June 25 “End of an Era”

Yesterday’s post spoke of envisioning a dream for your city and how to involve God in the dream becoming a reality.  Today let me speak to you about our part in seeing a dream coming true.
   In Josh 1:2 God spoke and said, “Moses my servant is dead”.  Now what He spoke was an obvious fact but God spoke it out  into this tangible visible world. Moses being dead signaled the end of something and that there would be of necessity something new emerging to take its place.
Jesus closed down the ritualistic, formalistic religion of his day by speaking to a fig tree which represented the Jewish religion.  He said, “May no man eat fruit of you again.”  Those words signified the end of the effectiveness of the Levitical priesthood and its sacrifices and ushered in the new covenant of Jesus’ blood to cleanse from sin and make a person a new creature in Christ.
Moses was dead and now Joshua would lead the children of Israel into their inheritance – the Promised Land.  Together let us speak  to those things that must come to an end in our cities so that the new might be established along with a new identity for the city.
Examples: Hatred go and love come.  Fear go and faith come.  Hopelessness go and hope come. Promiscuity go and purity come.  Religious pride go and Christian humility come.

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