June 26 “New Level, New Devil”

God was preparing His people to become giant slayers.  They had been slaves for many years and more recently they wandered about due to unbelief for 40 years.  Now they were a prepared people under the leadership of a military man named Joshua.  Joshua knew the challenges of invading, conquering and occupying the land of Promise.  He and Caleb had seen the Giants in the land.
It may seem too big for us to do.  If we are determined to take a city for God through prayer and influence, we must possess a “different” spirit like Joshua and Caleb.  Our confession must be, “Yes, we have seen the giants, but we also know the bigness of our God.  He is able to give us the land.” Claim it, pray and possess the city you worship in for God.  God is taking his church to new levels – know there will be new devil but expect great victories in Jesus’ Name.

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