June 29 “Cleansed and Possessed”

Prior to entering the land of Promise and taking the first city Jericho, God commanded Joshua to have the children of Israel cleanse themselves.  Before we will ever see our cities transformed, transformation must begin with us.
Canaan land had to be judged because of their idolatrous and sensuous behaviors.  Israel would have to cleanse their hearts and thoughts before possessing their inheritance.  The people had to put off their garments of fear, doubts, desire to be like the other nations and their desire for the comforts of Egypt.
As believers, we must allow God’s grace and word wash us from not only sinful behavior but also the desire to sin.
Following Israel’s powerful conquest of Jericho, they came up to a city called Ai – a small insignificant city but Israel was beaten in battle by the inhabitants because a man of Israel named Achan took some things from Jericho.  Achan’s heart was covetous.  If we desire to see our city possessed for God, our lives must first be cleansed and possessed by God.

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