Monday July 22, 2013 “Better Moms through Marijuana?”

Just when we think we have heard it all- according to a recent television program, moms claim better motherhood through “weed”. Even a child validates the claim that her mother changed for the better when she began to use  marijuana.  Children can’t wait to grow up and be able to become a user too – (to become a better person of course.)  How foolish!  In Jeremiah 5:7 we read that God said the lawless living of the parents led to their children forsaking God and even becoming involved in sexual sins that would be punished, we are told in v.9.
    To the parents who misled the children, God said in Jeremiah 5:6 “a lion will slay them, a wolf shall destroy them and a leopard shall watch over their cities.”  This was due to the fact the people knew what they did was wrong but they threw off all restraints in their disobedience.
   A little crack in the walls (legalizing medical use of marijuana) causes the wall to fall and people being exposed to  predators.
   Pray that those who are deceived into doing what they know to be wrong will seek God for peace and guidance so they might truly be better moms.

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