Saturday July 27, 2013 “What will You Do in the End?”

The above words close chapter 5 of Jeremiah.  Are these words pertaining to the end of time and the “Judgment of the Sheep  and the Goats”,  the “Judgment seat of Christ”  or living in the time of the end that the Apostle Paul said would be marked by people being “lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.” The words “what will you do” come on the heels of a horrible thing that has happened in the land. Prophets prophesy  lies and priests rule by their own power and of course those who learn from them become, as Jesus said, “twice the son of hell that the teacher is.”
   In the days ahead there will be many challenges we face as God’s people.  Let us agree in prayer today that we who are the people, who can see America change in our day, city by city, have discerning hearts as to words we hear and their source.  Let us also be quick to move in obedience to godly counsel and the word of God so we will know what to do and say “in the end.”

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