Sunday July 28, 2013 Prayer Focus “Finally”

   Some say that nearly half the world’s population awaited July 22, 2013  4:24 pm.  Actually the multitude did not know that would be the exact day or hour but they knew that Prince William and Kate would eventually have a boy or a girl who one day could possibly reign on the throne as king or queen of England and 15  Commonwealth countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Belize and Jamaica.
   Well, George Alexander Lewis came into the world with great celebration of gunfire and bells tolling proclaiming the birth of one who is third in line for the throne.  Being in that position, George may never reign over England (such as the Monarchy is in that land).  But George’s birth did cause quite a stir.
  When a person receives Christ as Savior, Jesus said the angels rejoice at the birth of that one into the Kingdom of God.  And everyone who is born into this kingdom reigns with the King.  Ephesians 2:6.  “Jesus has raised us up to be seated with Him.”  Romans 5:17  “By the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness we reign in life with Christ Jesus.”  In Romans 8:17 we are said to be “joint heirs with Jesus Christ.”   Tonight, let us pray for 3 things that will change believing Christians so they can change the city they live in by the influence of their lives and the prayers they pray.
Focus #1) That Christians become excited once again concerning people being born again like the world rejoiced at George Alexander Lewis’ birth.  Also intercede for families and friends that have not yet received Christ as Savior and Lord that they receive God’s gift of salvation.
Focus #2) Pray that there be a revelation in the hearts of believers that they are not third place to the throne but they reign with Jesus right now as joint heirs with Him because of God’s grace. Since this is true let us also pray that the church have an understanding that we have been granted Jesus’ authority to bless our cities and nation.
Focus #3) Romans 5:17  says we reign in life because of the righteousness God gives us as a benevolent gift in exchange of our confessed and forsaken sins according to Romans chapt 5 and our professed faith in Him.  That righteousness allows us to come boldly to our Father in Heaven in prayer according to Hebrews 4:16.  Pray that we would exercise that privilege and responsibility to intercede for our cities to be under the conviction of sin for wrongdoing and that people would turn to Jesus as we bring His witness to the streets of our cities through the testimony of God’s love.

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