Tuesday July 30, 2013 “Absalom, Absalom”

“Absalom, Absalom, my son Absalom”.  Words of a broken- hearted King David after his son died.  Absalom is described in the Bible as a young man without a blemish from head to toe in 2Samuel 14:25. Outwardly perfect but inwardly his moral and spiritual nature was as Isaiah 1:6 described some in his day as having “no soundness from the sole of the foot to the head.”
   Absalom had a wide door of opportunity and possibility and he was able to command the affections of the men of Israel.  2Samuel 15:6. But outward appearance means nothing in God’s sight; He looks at a person’s heart.
 A good prayer today is that people in America begin to look at a person’s integrity and godly wisdom, not just listen to empty words that come from an empty heart.  A man’s substance will sustain him, bring blessing to others and be revealed in the test of time.

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