Wednesday July 31, 2013 “Now is the time”

Yesterday we talked about Absalom – a son greatly grieved by his father at his death.  We discovered this young man had natural advantages but God looks on a man’s heart.
   Absalom had a vengeful spirit toward his brother Amnon two years after Amnon committed a terrible deed.  Absalom killed his brother.  Later he had a fresh opportunity due to the influence of his cousin Joab to be restored to the favor of his father the King but Absalom refused.
   Our cities are filled with young men estranged from their parents for much less than what Absalom did. May these young men hear the voice of God in the pig slop like the Prodigal Son did as he heard, “It’s better in your Father’s house” and return home to the embrace of the Father.
   2Cor 6:2  “Now is the accepted time.”  Pray for families to be reunited and young men to humble themselves before God.

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