Sunday September 22, 2013 Weekly Prayer Focus

Join us in Prayers of Agreement tonight from 6-9 PM.  Pray with us on the 3 Prayer Points below.
 As with any nation Israel in Solomon’s day had its challenges.  In 1 Kings 3:5 God approached the king at night asking him to request whatever he wanted and it would be granted.  Jesus said to all who believe, “Ask and you shall receive.”  There is much similarity in these two words from the Lord.  The issue was not whether or not one had enough faith to receive answers to prayer, but why one asks for the things they do.
 Solomon got what he requested from God – a wise and understanding heart and more.  When we see people in need of guidance and request that God use us to bless them with Godly direction, that is a prayer God will answer and He will bless us also.
 Solomon was given riches and honor as well as wisdom to lead Israel because of his selfless prayer.  Tonight let us focus on the following three points:
 #1)  Agree in prayer that the prayers of the church be directed in such a way that God will grant us wisdom and understanding to be able to influence people in the ways of righteousness as the sons of Isaachar did for Israel of old.
 #2)  The Lord saw Solomon’s heart and blessed him more than all the kings of the earth.  Pray that leaders of our nation, states, and cities will begin to pray for those they govern.  Seeking God and His righteousness for their constituents, may they find that all things will be added to their lives as good is desired for others.
 #3)  Pray that concerned Christians learn to pray unselfishly so that God’s will be done first in the church and then through the church so that blessings flow to others.

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