Tuesday September 24, 2013 “Fail-Safe”

Most of us are aware by now of the news concerning the January 24, 1961 near detonation of a hydrogen bomb dropped near Goldsboro, NC that would have devastated the East Coast had there been an explosion.
The Freedom of Information Acts allowed the release of details recently concerning the B-52 Bomber breaking up resulting in two bombs dragging from the plane including one that acted as if it was being armed and fired.  One switch prevented detonation that winter day.
In a day of tight security, fail-safe procedures in place, not to mention constant monitoring of society it seems that we are more vulnerable than ever.  Could it be that we, as a nation, have become a people who have lost our faith and confidence in God of whom it is said, “He watches over the city day and night.”  Psalm 127.
Pray in agreement that as a nation we return to a trust relationship with God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  With repentance and returning to the God of our Fathers in America, the Lord will have His eye upon our land and people once again.  He is the ultimate “fail-safe” for a nation whose God is the Lord.

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