Wednesday September 25, 2013 “Excited About the Right Things”

Great excitement accompanied the release of the Iphone 5S.  I am by no means an expert on the technology although I have read some about the new device.  There are pros and cons that accompany new products but the hype is what intrigues me.
   While we live in a world where it seems our country experiences “Jobless recoveries”, people stand in line to purchase the latest “toy” for a substantial amount of cash.  The ‘hub” of the powerful U.S.economy where many people prospered was industrial for many years and there were many businesses that played “supporting” roles.  Great excitement came when it was announced that there would be expansion that created new job opportunities.
   Another word for job opportunity is work.  Let us agree today in prayer that the American dream of employment opportunities, hard work and business development that really matters will create excitement in the land.
   The only true “recovery” in the economy will involve job growth.  Pray that business in America will seize opportunities to create new jobs that will result in long-term growth for their business.  This will enable our young people to dream big about the future of America and their personal dreams that nothing is impossible with God’s blessing in their life.

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