Friday September 27, 2013 “Exhausted Children”

South Korea reportedly has some of the highest average educational test scores in the world.  Children in South Korea spend up to 12 hours a day in the classroom and two months longer in the classroom than American counterparts.  This is in addition to special tutoring for some.  All of this leads to exhaustion among some school age children.
  There are some in America who think that many other countries have brighter children than we do in the U.S.   All of us believe in a good education, however, do we believe in education at the expense of many other things that go into the development of a well-rounded individual? Things like sports and teamwork are also important.
   Let us agree in prayer that parents in America see all things, including education, in proper perspective and not place undue pressure on children to achieve academically beyond their ability in a balanced world-view.  Also pray that parents teach their children to have a Biblical world view based upon values and morals that will sustain them as they achieve in life.

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