Saturday September 28, 2013 “House Crashers”

Former NFL football player Brian Holloway made it in the news recently because his home was “trashed” by “House Crashers.”   Hundreds of teens drinking and partying did $20,000 worth of damage to the property.
  Holloway invited the hundreds of these party-goers who damaged his home to come and help clean up the mess they left behind. Three or four showed up to help.  We all know that what these youth did was terrible and unlawful but how about the parents’ lack of guidance in not sending their children to help clean up the house and surrounding property.
   Our prayers should include the parents that they take responsibility in raising their sons and daughters to know right from wrong and that they teach them to be accountable for their actions. Pray also that in some way God will break through to the young adults’ hearts and that they would repent of their deeds and receive forgiveness and Jesus Christ as Savior. Pray for Mr. Holloway who has extended much grace in the situation, be blessed by God for his forgiveness and kindness shown.

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