Tuesday October 22, 2013 “Consider the Heavens”

Isaiah 1:3 “… My people do not consider”.  In yesterday’s posting we discovered that the prophet declared, “The ox and the donkey think more about their owner than people do the Lord.”  It was a sad commentary on the condition of Judah in the days of King Uzziah.
The Bible tells us to consider certain things.  In Psalms 8:3 David said, “When I consider the heavens.”  With the naked eye about 8,000 stars are visible but with the latest technology it is estimated that there are 7 sextillion stars out there.  That’s a seven with 21 zeroes after it.
When we consider the heavens we discover more of God’s greatness.  David being a shepherd saw the night sky continually as a young man.  It was obvious to him the greatness of man is so small compared to God’s great creation.  Their order kept by the command of God shames the disorder of man’s best attempts.
Perhaps this is the reason when David became King he was known for being a man after God’s own heart.  He ordered his kingdom like God did the universe and when David failed to do so chaos ensued.
Can we take a moment today to call upon the Lord on the behalf of America’s leaders – that they would look up and consider the perfect order the God of the Bible can bring to this world if they would humbly seek the Lord and His direction for our great nation once again.
This will all begin when you and I get out of the way and let more of Jesus be seen in us.  In Isaiah Chapter 6 we read in the year King Uzziah died then the Prophet looked up and saw the Lord on the throne.  When U and I (play on words) die (reduce, humble ourselves) then we will begin to consider as we look up that it is God’s will and order we need in our day.  Perhaps then a watching world will begin to look up and consider.

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