Tuesday November 19, 2013 “Qualified”

Ezra  7:10  “For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the Law of the Lord, and to do it, and to teach statutes and ordinances in Israel.”
  Ezra, we discovered yesterday, was a man with his heart prepared so that he could fulfil the calling to lead people back to God.  What qualified this priest of God to accomplish that task is found in Ez. 7:6  “The hand of the Lord his God was upon him.”  Because of this unseen hand upon Ezra, the king granted him all he requested.  This did more for Ezra’s cause than any lobbyist could accomplish.
  Today let our prayer be that we be qualified to bring a spiritual reviving and righteousness to our land because of God’s mighty hand being upon us.  Let us also pray that this would have the same effect Ezra experienced – that leaders of this land, great (like a king) and small, work with those whom God has laid His hand upon to renew and restore this one nation under God’s guidance and authority.



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