Saturday November 23, 2013 “Devotion”

In Ezra Chapter 9 the priest humbled himself before God for what the people of the land had done.  That brought people together who trembled at the word of God.  Verse 4 “Then everyone who trembled at the words of the God of Israel assembled to me, because of the transgression of those who had been carried away captive, and I sat astonished until the evening sacrifice.”  This is a healthy fear of the Lord.
May our prayers of agreement include intercession and confession of the sins so prevalent in our land today.  Then may we see others join us in total devotion to God.
Israel’s sin involved that of marriage which is holy before God.  Let our prayers address the need for commitment to the covenant, preservation of God’s original intent for marriage and Pastor’s providing Godly counsel to those in premarital counselling.

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