Sunday November 24, 2013 “Gratitude”

This is the Thanksgiving week and people will express their gratitude in many different ways… visiting someone who has meant a lot to them in year’s past.  Perhaps sending flowers or other gifts to someone who helped them out this year.
Jesus spoke of 10 lepers He healed one day and only one man who was not a Jew returned to give thanks.  That’s just 10%.
In 2 Kings 5 we read of one non-Jewish general by the name of Naaman who was healed of leprosy and he came back to Elisha, the instrument God used, for his healing to give thanks.  That’s 100%.  Friends, that shows us that Gratitude can reveal a man’s greatness.
Now, there is much detail in the story but in a nutshell – here are the three things we can pray for in agreement this Sunday evening between the hours of 6 and 9pm.
Focus #1:  At first Naaman resisted God’s way of healing (dipping in the Jordan River seven times).  The great man finally found his miracle by humbling himself and following God’s way.  Tonight let’s pray that the heart of America be humbled to receive the only way to cleansing and restoration – Jesus Christ – the way, the truth and the life.
Focus #2:  Naaman attempted to pay a gift to show his gratitude to Elisha for his healing.  Elisha refused the gift not the gratitude.  Pray that there be a revelation that salvation is not something “bought into” but rather it is received.  Pray for an attitude of receptivity toward salvation.
Focus #3:  Naaman asked Elisha if he could take dirt from the land of Israel to Syria that he might worship God there.  Pray that there be a revelation of the power of worship in America and that we gather together often.

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