Monday November 11, 2013 “Veteran’s Day”

Today we take the time to remember military veterans.  From every walk of life and every corner of America they “step up”. When they were needed – they were there.    This is a day set apart to remember some special people. Let’s pray in agreement that all veterans experience the rich blessings of Almighty … Continue reading

Sunday November 10, 2013 “Veterans Loved and Appreciated”

Tonight we will once again exercise our right and privilege to come before  God’s throne of grace on behalf of our nation from 6-9 pm  (all time zones).    Our prayers of agreement will be focused on veterans as we focus on three points of intercession.  We need a strong military to remain free and … Continue reading

Saturday November 9, 2013 “Wounded Vets”

This Veteran’s Day Saturday let us pray for those who carry wounds physically and emotionally from serving our nation.  Let us agree that these men and women realize that their sacrifice does not go unnoticed by heaven and there are many in America who appreciate their investment in our nation’s safety.    If you know … Continue reading

Friday November 8, 2013 “Grateful for Vets”

Today the Veteran’s Day weekend begins.  We enjoy the freedom we have in this country due to our military. Let us join our hearts in a prayer of gratitude for everyone who has worn the uniform of our Armed Forces and communicate to our families and friends the fact that we should honor and thank … Continue reading

Thursday November 7, 2013 “Not our Permanent Home”

As God’s people we are those in this world who realize this is not our permanent home. Some of us may be disappointed at the results of Tuesday’s elections.  We might be cast down but not destroyed.  We might be a little discouraged but we are people of hope, in the living God.  Remember this … Continue reading

Wednesday November 6, 2013 “Influence”

The voting has ended and most of us around the country have discovered if the people we supported were elected.  If they were elected continue to pray for those who will serve in public office.  If the person you did not vote for was elected to office you can influence and support those who can … Continue reading

Tuesday November 5, 2013 “Pray and Vote”

Well – the long awaited Election Day is here.  One final time of prayer and then we can exercise our God-given right and responsibility to vote for men and women whose values align with the Word of God. Use your phone, social media and your usual ways of communicating to influence people to get out … Continue reading

Monday November 4, 2013 “The Day Before”

In the Bible there are many times when God’s people would face times of decision.  Prior to making a decision that would please the Lord, prayer would help people make the right decision according to their faith. Pray today that you will use Godly wisdom when you vote tomorrow and pray that people of faith … Continue reading

Saturday November 2, 2013 “Fathers to the Children”

Luke 1:17 says that John the Baptist was a man who turned the hearts of the fathers to the children in His day. Let us pray today that there be good relationships between generations and that our current leaders and those who will be newly elected will have the Spirit of God working in their … Continue reading

Sunday November 3, 2013 “Prepared to Vote”

We once again gather in churches and homes to lift our prayers to God in faith and expectation.  Today is just two days before elections in America.  We will be praying for people going to the polling place and for those they will be voting for. Let us join our hearts in intercession concerning the … Continue reading