Tuesday March 18, 2014 “Reset the Stones”

Nehemiah 3:3 Also the sons of Hassenaah built the Fish Gate; they laid its beams and hung its doors with its bolts and bars.”
 Gates and doors are necessary to secure a city, but the main protection of the inhabitants in ancient days were the stone walls. Without the stones set in place, the gates and doors would be ornamental.
  The Apostle Peter wrote that each member of the Body of Christ is a living stone built into a spiritual house. There are many stones lying in rubble today in America. People who once served Jesus have been tossed to the ground out of their proper setting. They fail to fulfil their real purpose in life. Some have chosen to pursue things of this world, others have chosen to be negligent to the gift they carry in their heart that is necessary for the people of God to be a powerful wall of salvation about our nation.  We need the restoration of God’s protection in our land.
   Today let us agree in prayer for the conviction of the Holy Spirit to be upon those who lie in the rubble just outside our doors.  And then let us become those who will actively work to restore people we know to fellowship with God and to involvement in His kingdom on earth.

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