Thursday May 29, 2014 “Fat and Delighted”

Nehemiah 9:25  “25 And they took strong cities and a rich land, and possessed houses full of all goods, Cisterns already dug, vineyards, olive groves, and fruit trees in abundance.  So they ate and were filled and grew fat, and delighted themselves in Your great goodness.”
It’s OK to become fat and satisfied in the goodness of God but so many in America have become fat on materialism and ego-centric attitudes.  Pray that we as a people turn back to God and away from our “selfie” attitude about life.  When we focus on pleasing God (delighting in Him) the Lord begins to birth desires in a believer’s heart.  This can result in prosperity in all areas of life.  Let us also pray that there be a stirring in the hearts of people who do not know the Lord and that they will seek Him and find that God’s way of living and preparing for the future is the best path to follow.

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