Monday June 9, 2014 “Patience”

Yesterday being Pentecost we focused our prayers on the initial outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon believers in Jesus Christ.  Today we returned to our focus for prayers of agreement on the book of Nehemiah where we read the record of God’s people rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem after the many years they were captive to their enemies and the rebuilding of these people of faith.
Nehemiah 9:30 “30 Yet for many years You had patience with them, and testified against them by Your Spirit in Your prophets. Yet they would not listen; Therefore You gave them into the hand of the peoples of the lands.”
We have heard that patience is a virtue.  Perhaps that is because God is patient with us.  The Lord demonstrated patience with people from the dawn of time.  From Patriarchs to Kings, God waited to be gracious to people of old.  He was also patient with the generation of Noah’s day.  For many years the man of God built the ark and was a preacher of righteousness yet his family alone was saved.  We are told in Genesis 6:3 that the Spirit of God will not always strive with man.  There comes a time when patience must give way to justice.  Remember, the flood came.
Let us join our hearts in prayer today that a revelation of the truth I just shared will speak to people of faith and those who do not yet believe in America.  We must not count the patience of God as weakness for there is a time when God will act if there is no repentance in the land.


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