Sunday June 22, 2014 “Servants?”

Nehemiah 9:36 “36 “Here we are, servants today! And the land that You gave to our fathers, to eat its fruit and its bounty, here we are, servants in it!”
Israel was given a rich, beautiful and productive land but they had become like servants in a foreign land.  Instead of a pauper becoming a prince, the prince had become a pauper.
This wonderful country called America with its foundation squarely fashioned upon God’s word was meant to be a citizen-governed place where freedom gives equal opportunity to all but we also have been reduced to a nation of servants to a system that has taken much more than is necessary to be a self-governing land under the principles of God.
Tonight as we gather for prayers of agreement from 6-9pm (all time zones) let us call upon Creator to birth in all Americans the desire to be free once again from the enslavement of a tyranny of our own making.
Prayer Focus #1:  That there be a spiritual revelation of “Here we are.”  Pray that we see things for what they are – not what we have been given – a false hope of believing the way things really are.
Prayer Focus #2:  Pray tonight that all Americans remember our roots and the many miracles that have brought us to this day.  When we forget how we got to where we are today we don’t understand the beauty of government under the King of all Kings.  As we approach Independence Day may we have a desire to once again become familiar with our history and our founding papers.  Let us then turn to God and cry out to Him as Israel did in Egypt.  That is when the Lord began His great work of deliverance and His people began their journey to the fruitful and bountiful land of promise.
Prayer Focus #3:  Twice it is repeated that God’s people became aware of the fact that they were servants to the land that was to serve them.  Let our prayers of agreement be focused upon the truth that we are people destined to prosper as we put God first and endeavor to work hard to reap the blessings of a land that brings forth so abundantly when cultivated and nurtured in the right way.
Pray that governmental leaders see the simplicity of the system that God has blessed us with along with nature’s abundance that the Lord has provided in this great land.

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