Thursday July 31, 2014 “Cleansing”

Nehemiah 13:9  “Then I commanded them to cleanse the rooms; and I brought back into them the articles of the house of God, with the grain offering and the frankincense.”
There were rooms that needed to be cleansed in the Temple that had been defiled by that which Tobiah had brought in through the priest, Eliashib.  Nehemiah recognized that not only did there need to be the removal things that defiled the House of God there also needed to be a cleansing of the rooms of the House before true articles of ministry were brought into the Temple.
   These rooms that were cleansed by Nehemiah’s  command could represent different areas of ministry that used “lures of the flesh” to “build” the ministry. Political correctness in vocabulary and actions that are encouraged that increase popularity among the non-Christian has resulted in a “dimmer” light of witness to the world.
   May our prayers of agreement today be that Pastors and staff of churches in America “turn up the lights” so that the world can see the true beauty of living a life that reflects the glory of God to a watching world waiting for something of substance to follow.
   Please pray for families of loved ones lost on the recent airline crashes and the one shot down in Ukraine. Pray that the situations be handled wisely by the world community, especially by our country.  Pray that truth be revealed concerning who was responsible.
    Also pray for the crisis in Israel concerning Gaza and Libya, Iraq, Syria, etc.  Pray for the protection of innocent lives and that the world community see the situation through the eyes of truth.  Finally, pray that the United States continue to support our strongest ally in that area of the world, Israel, for in doing so we will be blessed.  Gen 12:3




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