Saturday August 23, 2014 “Cleansing”

Nehemiah 13:30 “30 Thus I cleansed them of everything pagan. I also assigned duties to the priests and the Levites, each to his service.”
Nehemiah didn’t just rebuke those who defiled the priesthood and the word of God.  He got actively involved in them being cleansed of pagan influence and ways.
Today’s Prayer Point:  That there be Christian leaders who will point out those things that perhaps “work for people” in ministry but these ways are not godly.  Pray that the process of church growth and maturity be sanctified.  “The end does not justify the means” in God’s Kingdom.
Special Prayer Focus:  Please pray for families of loved ones lost on the recent airline crashes and the one shot down in Ukraine. Pray that the situations be handled wisely by the world community, especially by our country.  Pray that truth be revealed concerning who was responsible.
Also pray for the crisis in Israel concerning Gaza and Libya, Iraq, Syria, etc.  Pray for the protection of innocent lives and that the world community will see the situation through the eyes of truth.  Finally, pray that the United States continue to support our strongest ally in that area of the world, Israel, for in doing so we will be blessed.  Genesis 12:3

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