Sunday September 21, 2014 “Let God Arise and We will too”

1 Samuel 7:10& 11 “Now as Samuel was offering up the burnt offering, the Philistines drew near to battle against Israel. But the LORD thundered with a loud thunder upon the Philistines that day, and so confused them that they were overcome before Israel. 11 And the men of Israel went out of Mizpah and pursued the Philistines, and drove them back as far as below Beth Car.”
Tonight at 8-9pm we gather in prayer for our nation. It is asked that those who join us for prayers of agreement over the website to pray a minimum of 15 minutes between the hours of 6 and 9 pm.
We will continue our focus in prayer on revival in America this evening. Revival is something that happens in the church that eventually brings an awareness of God’s Presence, an awakening to the world around us.
We welcome you to this time of intercession and encourage you to invite someone to join us this week.
As Samuel continued to offer sacrifice to the Lord, the Philistines, the enemies of God’s people, drew near for battle. God’s response to this was two-fold, He thundered against the Philistines and brought confusion into their camp. Israel then was emboldened as they saw God working on their behalf, rose up and “drove back” or struck down the Philistines. Many times the Lord shows Himself strong and then the people of God just, “Hold the fort” instead of taking back territory stolen by the enemies of God.
Prayer focus #1 Pray that we not be surprised when things become worse before they become better. Here in 1Samuel 7 the enemy attacked when Samuel was in deep intercession. Pray for an understanding that there is a biblical pattern like when Israel was enslaved in Egypt and when the Lord sent Moses to deliver them, Pharaoh made it more difficult for God’s people. Pray that Jesus’ words resound in the hearts of God’s people, “Look up, your redemption is near.”
Prayer focus #2 Pray for supernatural intervention by Almighty God – that “He arise and His enemies be scattered.” Earlier this year I shared with you that in 2014 God would take the wheels off of Pharaoh’s chariots – expect in the last quarter of the year that we see more of the enemies of God’s people be brought to nothing.
Prayer Focus #3 Pray that as God’s people under Samuel rose up and took advantage of what the Lord began by thundering upon the Philistines and bringing confusion into their midst, we will do as we see God on the move on our behalf. This is not a time for bleeding hearts to find common ground with the enemy. It is time to capitalize on the move of God to restore righteousness to our land.

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