Sunday November 9, 2014 “Cleanse Inside and Out”

2 Chronicles 29:16 “16 Then the priests went into the inner part of the house of the Lord to cleanse it, and brought out all the debris that they found in the temple of the Lord to the court of the house of the Lord. And the Levites took it out and carried it to the Brook Kidron.”
Welcome to our Sunday evening edition of “We Are the People” where we join our hearts in prayer for America. It is asked that each person pray for a minimum of 15 minutes following the prayer guide between the hours of 6 and 9pm (all time zones).
We have been praying for revival in the land over the last few weeks. One of our prayer points was gathering God’s people so there is a unity of purpose as we seek God for His best in our lives and our nation.
There is much divisiveness in our land as evidenced by the recent elections and the campaigns that proceeded Election Day. Spiritual revival has united people in the history of America and that can happen again.  As we bring our prayer focus before you tonight, allow the Holy Spirit to help you pray in agreement with other Christians who have a heart for our land.
Focus #1: The priest entered the inner part of the Lord’s house to cleanse it.  This is a type of the motives of the heart being cleansed.  The heart and soul of our nation has been challenged to its very core – our Constitution.  Pray that God raise up men and women who will defend the constitution and challenge the hearts of those who seem to have motives to change the documents that guide this land of the free and the home of the brave.
Focus #2: The priest brought out all the debris from the temple into the court of the temple.  The trash was brought into the light of day for the common people to see.  Pray that God will raise up bold protectors of the land we love that will expose the “trash” that is threatening the purity of America’s heritage as one nation under God.
Focus #3: the Levites took the trash from the courts of the temple down to the Brook Kidron.  The word Kidron comes from the Hebrew root word “qadar” which means to mourn in sackcloth.  There is a mourning of the loss of those things that are trash.  Pray that there not only be tears of loss but also tears of repentance as we cleanse our land of things that defile the souls of men.

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