Wednesday November 26, 2014 “Skinned and Ready”

2 Chronicles 29:34  “But the priests were too few, so that they could not skin all the burnt offerings; therefore their brethren the Levites helped them until the work was ended and until the other priests had sanctified themselves, for the Levites were more diligent in sanctifying themselves than the priests.”
The burnt offering is a type of our lives being a living sacrifice – holy and acceptable unto the Lord. The sacrificial animal had to be skinned before the ancient Jewish sacrifice was offered up. This is a type of the cutting away of the flesh. We must allow the Holy Spirit to cut away the unprofitable from our lives if we will ever experience personal revival.
The priests couldn’t handle all the work so the Levites helped until the work was complete so revival could come to God’s people.
Pray today that believers won’t be defensive when a brother attempts to help them grow spiritually but that they will see their brother as one sent from God to help prepare them for renewal in this great day of opportunity we live in. Get Ready!

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