Monday February 16, 2015 “Daily Bread”

Matthew 6:11 Give us this day our daily bread.
    Jesus teaches us first to pray with an emphasis on our Father and His Kingdom. Our attention then shifts in our prayers to man’s daily needs. We must first acknowledge the Lordship of almighty God and then we are ready to walk with Him daily and receive the provision He knows we have need of.
The adjective used for the word daily in the Greek language is not found elsewhere in the New Testament. The word is best understood in terms of measure rather than time. So this means more like provision day by day than just today (like God’s provision of manna every day that could not be stored up to use later except for the day before the Sabbath day), according to Exodus 16. Jesus taught that the bread that is most important is God’s Word in the wilderness temptations.
Let us agree in prayer today that we who are Christians in America be alert to the world around us praying that God reveal His answers to our nation’s spiritual and tangible needs in this swiftly and ever changing society with its moral bankruptcy as knowledge increases and the potential for new ways to sin and deprive hungry souls of bread from heaven – the truth of God’s Word .

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