Sunday July 12, 2015

Welcome to the Sunday evening edition of “We are the People” prayer for the nation.  On Sunday nights we join our hearts in prayers of agreement focusing on three prayer points.
It is asked that you invest a minimum of 15 minutes in intercession between the hours of 6 and 9pm (all time zones).  Please use your influence to bring more people into this prayer movement that joins many hearts that have a sincere love for God and America.
This past week we have shared some prayers our founding Fathers have prayed for our nation.  Tonight we will find three points for prayer in President Calvin Coolidge’s speech to the National Education Association in 1924.
Calvin Coolidge, July 4, 1924, Convention of National Education Association, Washington, DC:  “America is turning from the things that are seen to the things that are unseen … which we must recognize as the guiding hand of Providence… Unless our material resources are supported by moral and spiritual resources, there is not foundation for progress.  A trained intelligence can do much, but there is no substitute for morality, character, and religious convictions.  Unless these abide, American citizenship will be found unequal to its task.”
Prayer Focus #1:  Considering the state of today’s National Education Association I don’t think President Coolidge would find a place on the platform.  He would not be well received mentioning that America is turning from the seen to the unseen world where the hand of God works in the land – His will for righteousness.  Let us join in prayer tonight that the heart of America will catch a glimpse of God working in our country, be it in every small way.  We are not to despise the time of small beginnings but be a part of that small company that will “fan the flames of revival.”
Prayer Focus #2:  Even in our stalled economy we are so blessed with material things compared to the rest of the world.  As President Coolidge said economic progress that is sustainable is only possible when there is a strong moral and spiritual foundation.  Please pray this evening that there be a revelation of this truth from the White House to the simplest homes in America.  Our stagnation economically and our standing among the nations will only improve as righteousness and spiritual hunger increase in the land.  Without God’s blessing even a “hot” economy becomes a tottering tower.
Prayer Focus #3:  American exceptionalism demands a commitment to good citizenship.  Our responsibility among the nations of the world is great and President Coolidge believed each one of us must live up to a high standard of character and convictions.  Pray tonight that God’s people will see this truth and be found equal to the task as put by another President that saw America being “a city on a hill.”  One that other nation’s once again see as a standard to follow in righteousness and economics.

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