Tuesday November 17, 2015 “A Curse Into A Blessing”

Zechariah 8:13  “And it shall come to pass that just as you were a curse among the nations, O house of Judah and house of Israel, so I will save you, and you shall be a blessing.  Do not fear, let your hands be strong.”
 The people of God had become, as it were, a curse to their neighbors.  America has come to be viewed in that same light by some nations in our day.  We are even called by some “The Great Satan.”  The Lord told Israel and Judah that there would be a reversal and they would be viewed as a blessing among the nations.
 Today as we pray in agreement let us ask God to lead our nation into policies that will cause other nations to see the hand of blessing upon America and not the mismanagement and evil that has come upon our land in recent history.

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