Sunday January 24, 2016 “Weekly Prayer Focus”

Zechariah 10:6 “I will strengthen the house of Judah, and I will save the house of Joseph. I will bring them back, because I have mercy on them. They shall be as though I had not cast them aside; For I am the LORD their God, and I will hear them.”
Good evening and welcome to the Sunday night edition of We Are the People prayer for our nation. Many years ago George Washington said, “We will make an appeal to heaven.” In our day we must do the same. God’s favor is our only hope in these days we live in. When we make an appeal in court we are saying we take the decision to a higher court. There is no higher court than the courts of heaven.
When a believing heart looks at the spiritual and moral condition in America, that person must say that what we see around us in government and media is the result of bad choices or decisions that have created the state of our nation today. We must make an appeal to heaven.
We have been using the Book of Zechariah as a prayer guide over the past couple of months. The prophet takes Israel to the place of restoration in his words as the nation of Israel returns to the Lord. That is our hopes and prayers for America.
It is asked that all intercessors call upon God concerning the following 3 prayer focus points for a minimum of 15 minutes between the hours of 6 and 9 pm (all time zones). May God bless you for your heart for America and be contagious – bring others into these prayers of agreement tonight and every day at That’s where it all begins.
Prayer Focus #1: “They shall be as though I had not cast them aside.” In our day it would read “threw them under the bus.” The heart of God is easily identified here. He makes all things new. Pray tonight that Christians capture this in their spirits – that as God restores America to its former glory the Lord will heal hearts and minds to the point it will seem we have never gone through the discipline of the Lord. The future will be so bright we will not lament the past but we will enjoy each day.
Focus #2: “I am the Lord their God.” The Lord knows who He is so this statement is a reassuring word to His people Israel. We who are believers in America must remember that God is with us and for us. Pray in agreement tonight that Christians in America grasp this truth as a word from heaven for us. The Great Creator is our God. Pray for an assurance in our heart that God is watching over us and working all things together for our good.
Focus #3: “I will hear them.” There have been so many prayers that have gone up before God for America. Your prayers have not gone unanswered. There are appointed times and when that time comes the answer to borrow the Prophet Isaiah’s words, “Spring forth.” Pray that God’s people will patiently wait, knowing when we pray according to God’s word He hears us. And folks – get ready – I sense many answers will come in 2016.

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