Sunday February 28, 2016 “Beauty Broken”

Good evening and welcome to the Sunday Night Edition of We are the People prayer for America. On our daily prayer entry we focus on one focus point in our prayers of agreement. Sunday evening it is asked that all of our intercessors pray a minimum of 15 minutes as we focus on three prayer points anytime between the hours of 6 and 9pm (all time zones).  Thank you for being a part of our prayer team and do invite others to join us especially during this very critical moment in the history of America. God bless you and your family as you call upon the Lord with a holy desperation for the land we love.
Zechariah 11:10-11 “10 And I took my staff, Beauty, and cut it in two, that I might break the covenant which I had made with all the peoples. 11 So it was broken on that day. Thus the poor of the flock, who were watching me, knew that it was the word of the Lord.”
Focus #1: The breaking of the staff is a prophetic word that points forward to the rejection of Jesus Christ by the majority of Israel. In Matthew 21:43 Jesus said, “the Kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a nation bearing the fruit of it.” As with Israel of old, America has had much favor and grace extended toward her for nearly 250 years. It is chilling to think of what we have done in light of God’s goodness that has been bestowed upon us.
Let us pray tonight that we repent as a nation before we hear those words of Christ and lose what little we still have.
Focus #2: “So it was broken on that day.” Jerusalem and Israel as a nation actually held up for another 40 years until being overrun and the temple was defiled and subsequently destroyed. It should make our hearts sink to consider that we might already be to the place where God has already said, “I have broken the covenant with all the peoples.” And we could already be on that slippery slope toward destruction.
For so many years America has been given so much and we have held it very lightly and God has used this country to take both the Gospel and practical help around the world.  Pray that we allow the Lord to reign us in and give us a change of heart like He did with Ninevah through Jonah the prophetic voice to his generation.
Focus #3: At times it seems that those whom you would least expect will have more understanding than those who seem to be “more religious”.
Pray that the Body of Christ will be more in tune with what God is doing and not be skeptical of people who might have heard from the Lord about the state of our nation. But they are considered to be “the poor of the flock” so their voice is not heard.

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