Saturday August 6, 2016 “A Whale of a Meeting”

Numbers 23:3  “…the Lord will come to meet me…”
God met the stubborn prophet Jonah in the belly of a whale.  Jonah ran from God’s plan for him to preach to Ninevah, a wretched city of cruel men in his day.   Jonah knew that God would be merciful and spare the city if he obeyed God and told people that in 40 days their city would be doomed to destruction.
Eventually Jonah obeyed God but only after he was thrown overboard and caught by the whale,  who in God’s   time, spit the man of God onto the shore.  He was finally persuaded he must preach to the people he once considered were unworthy to hear.
Pray that across America Christians will not be afraid nor selective toward those in our country who need to heart God’s message of salvation. God has many people He desires to save.  Let us believe for a change of heart by many so that many will be saved.

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