Sunday November 6, 2016 “Cities Fortified and Inhabited”

Good evening and welcome to the Sunday evening edition of “We Are The People”.  We are so glad you have chosen to join us tonight.
  There are 3 Prayer Focus listed below. It is asked that you pray a minimum of 15 minutes or longer as time allows between the hours of 6 and 9 pm (all time zones) using the focus points as a guide in prayers of agreement.
 May God richly bless you for your heart of intercession for America.  Please invite others to join us.
   We encourage you to vote this Tuesday Nov 8. Remember faith without works is dead.
Prayer Focus #1  God was speaking of Israel being restored and blessed following their captivity.  Let us pray tonight that America’s cities, towns and villages that have experienced desolation over the years will once again be fortified and inhabited by people who understand the power of a free market economy being unleashed from governmental restraints that stymie growth and freedom.
Prayer Focus #2  As verse 36 reads of Israel’s neighbors standing in awe of God’s work in the land.  Let us pray that the spiritual work of God in our hearts that lead to tangible blessings will once again make America the envy of the world and turn many to believe in the one true God.
Prayer Focus #3   In verse 37 it seems as though the Lord allows His people to pray for these marvelous blessings. It is as though He wants us to be a partner with Him in the great restoring work of His Spirit.
   Let us pray today that Christians in America will hear the voice of God drawing them into the work of blessing to come through their prayers of intercession. What a privilege we have to partner with God.
   If we are faithful to work with God, He says in v.37  He will increase the number of them who believe. I am sure this will happen through the Lord confirming His Word with signs and wonders.




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