Sunday December 18, 2016 “A New Name”

Genesis 35:10 “10 And God said to him, “Your name is Jacob; your name shall not be called Jacob anymore, but Israel shall be your name.” So He called his name Israel.”
Good evening and welcome to the Sunday evening edition of “We are the People” prayer movement for America.  It is asked that every partner invest at least 15 minutes in prayer utilizing the three focus points below as a guide.  Please pray between 6 and 9pm (all time zones) so prayers of agreement are lifted up to the Lord.  Thank you and God bless you for your steadfast commitment to God and His Kingdom.
Prayer Focus #1:  The name Jacob means deceiver and usurper.  Neither one of these words are desirable or attractive.  God says that even though you once were living up to the name Jacob – you will not be called that any longer.
Please pray tonight that people of differing opinions in America will cease labeling fellow Americans.  Labeling always separates people and brings unnecessary hurt to people and widens the chasm between people who have different opinions in life.  God actually hates it when someone brings division to families, so avoid words that further divide our nation.
Prayer Focus #2:  “Israel shall be your name.”  Israel means to be a prince with God and man.  God gave Jacob a new name, one that elevates, pleases God and is pleasant to man.
Pray tonight that Christians in America will study the scriptures to discover who they are in Jesus Christ and not be influenced by those things that held them captive before being forgiven and made a new creation through Jesus Christ.
Prayer Focus #3:  “He ‘God’ called his name, ‘Israel’”.  God knows how much we can do when we are referred to by names that are affirming.
Pray that believers in America will use words that make fellow Americans feel that they are not less of a person because of their philosophical and ideological views.  We are to be called Americans and when we respect one another we can build a bridge that enables us to teach others and influence them in a way that we will all benefit.  God saw Jacob through eyes of faith and so should we see one another in that same light.

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