Saturday March 4, 2017 “Pay the Wages”

1 Kings 5:6 “Now therefore, command that they cut down cedars for me from Lebanon; and my servants will be with your servants, and I will pay you wages for your servants according to whatever you say. For you know there is none among us who has skill to cut timber like the Sidonians.”
Solomon had Hiram, King of Tyre, weigh in on how much to pay the workers who provided materials for the Temple.  It is important to have jobs in any economy that will provide for a family.
Pray today that as we see new job creation in America that there will be jobs that pay well enough for people to support their families.  We have seen enough of new job creation that has been simply minimum wage employment.
When there is good job creation in America through industry and manufacturing, etc. we will see a strong economy where minimum wage jobs are created because of the demand created by people filling positions at higher paying places of employment.

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