Tuesday April 4, 2017 “Beautiful Walls”

1 Kings 7:9-11 All these were of costly stones cut to size, trimmed with saws, inside and out, from the foundation to the eaves, and also on the outside to the great court. 10 The foundation was of costly stones, large stones, some ten cubits and some eight cubits. 11 And above were costly stones, hewn to size, and cedar wood.
The foundation, walls and eaves were all beautified with costly and precious stones.  The Prophet Isaiah said that God’s people will call their walls salvation. The beautiful salvation is God’s amazing grace and the will of man connecting to bring salvation and blessing to the world through a building (the Body of Christ) not made with man’s hands but by the hand of God.
The church of Jesus Christ can be the walls of salvation in America.  We must call our walls salvation and in a unified front present the Gospel (Good News) of God through Jesus Christ.
Let us pray that each individual believer whom Peter called Lively Stones will take their part seriously in making America a great nation once again – a people under God’s authority and kept by His power as we prepare a great “walled” land through our prayers and service unto God and man.

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