Monday April 10, 2017 “Lions”

1 Kings 7:28-29 28 And this was the design of the carts: They had panels, and the panels were between frames; 29 on the panels that were between the frames were lions, oxen, and cherubim. And on the frames was a pedestal on top. Below the lions and oxen were wreaths of plaited work.
These carts are actually stands that held the bowls for cleansing.  For the next three days let’s pray together concerning the three images that were placed between the frames.
This is Holy Week – a time when we remember in a special way Jesus, the Lion of Judah, who gave His life to free us from sin and makes us new creations in Him.  Pray that as a nation we will be like our Savior “bold as lions” in this world that is ever-changing.  We must have the moral courage to stand against every challenge to freedom and peace on earth.

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