Friday, May 18, 2018 “Not Taking Good Reports for Granted”

1 Kings 14:1-2 At that time Abijah the son of Jeroboam became sick. 2 And Jeroboam said to his wife, “Please arise, and disguise yourself, that they may not recognize you as the wife of Jeroboam, and go to Shiloh. Indeed, Ahijah the prophet is there, who told me that I would be king over this people.
Jeroboam thought that every message from the prophet would be good; however, his manipulative approach would be no match for the omniscient Almighty God. Pray that men and women in government here in America will not manipulate others through deception but they will be open and transparent in dealing with the people of God and listen to both the good and the bad and how to bring healing and correction.

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