Tuesday, August 7, 2018 “Jehu’s Word”

1 Kings 16:1-3 Then the word of the Lord came to Jehu the son of Hanani, against Baasha, saying: “Inasmuch as I lifted you out of the dust and made you ruler over My people Israel, and you have walked in the way of Jeroboam, and have made My people Israel sin, to provoke Me to anger with their sins, surely I will take away the posterity of Baasha and the posterity of his house, and I will make your house like the house of Jeroboam the son of Nebat.
God had a word to speak to Baasha and Jehu was found to deliver the word. Pray that men and women of God whom God has placed in advisory roles to our leaders will not hesitate to bring the word of the Lord to those they serve even when it is a word of warning and judgement.

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