Sunday, September 23, 2018 “Arise and Go Where?”

1 Kings 17:8-9 Then the word of the Lord came to him, saying, “Arise, go to Zarephath, which belongs to Sidon, and dwell there. See, I have commanded a widow there to provide for you.”
Good evening and welcome to the Sunday Night Edition of “We are the People” prayer for America. Every Sunday we bring together the hearts of intercessors that choose to invest a minimum of 15 minutes in prayers of agreement between the hours of 6 and 9 p.m. using the three focus points listed below as a guide. May God bless you for your concern for America’s future expressed in prayer tonight. We encourage you to join us in prayer and invite others to join us.
Elijah was truly a man of God. He was always quick to respond to a word from God. In order to have His will accomplished in the earth God called upon Elijah.
Prayer Focus #1: Pray that God’s people in America will arise out of spiritual slumber and play a part in America returning to righteousness as we face darkness and deception in the land. Elijah needed to heed the call of God to arise, for this was the next step in darkness being purged from the land.
Prayer Focus #2: A famine was in the land and God’s guidance led the man of God to go to a village called Zarephath. Human wisdom would tell us that if God was going to do a new work of righteousness it would begin in the major city in the land. Pray that in every town and city in America Christians will see that God has them there for a time such as this to stand in the gap and bring revival to their hometown.
Prayer Focus #3: In those days a most unlikely person, a widow, would provide for God’s man amid a famine. First it was birds that feed the prophet, now it’s this poor widow whom God will use to care for God’s instrument of righteousness. When it comes to providing for God’s children, He is very creative and unusual in His choice of channels of resources. Pray that believers in America will see past the instrument God has to bring blessing to His people and look to the eternal omnipotent benefactor whose love motivates Him to provide for His own.

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