Thursday October 31, 2019 “Those Roundabouts”

2 Kings 3:9 So the king of Israel went with the king of Judah and the king of Edom, and they marched on that roundabout route seven days; and there was no water for the army, nor for the animals that followed them.

It must have been quite a sight to behold – three kings leading their armies around in circles for a week. Israel had circled Jericho 7 days and God gave them the city. Here all that God’s people got was thirsty. Pray that America and others on the side of what is right will not go around in circles 40 years like Israel did after coming out of Egypt, but they will have a victory parade around their enemies and that they will see the walls that have prevented victory, fall down flat so there can be victory for those on the side of right.

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