Sunday, November 24, 2019 “Running Water”

2 Kings 3:20 20 “Now it happened in the morning, when the grain offering was offered, that suddenly water came by way of Edom, and the land was filled with water.”

Good evening and welcome to the Sunday night edition of “We are the People” Prayer for America. Every Sunday we bring together the hearts of intercessors that choose to invest a minimum of 15 minutes in prayers of agreement between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. using the three focus points listed below as a guide. May God bless you for your concern for America’s future expressed in prayer tonight. We encourage you to join us in prayer daily and invite others to join us.

In the morning when the grain offering was offered. This is a type of prayer. This resulted in a sudden response of water flowing from Edom. V.8 of this chapter tells us that agreement was made between the kings of Judah, Israel and Edom to go up against their common enemy Moab by the way of the Wilderness of Edom. Let us join our hearts in intercession concerning three points of prayer tonight

Prayer Focus #1 The morning grain offering (prayer) was offered – things began to move in the right direction. PRAY that all believers in America will pray daily for the hand of God to be revealed in our land. We must begin with calling on God which acknowledges our dependence on Him for His blessing falling upon America.

Prayer Focus #2 Suddenly, water (what God’s people needed) came by Edom. This was the exact location that the three kings were to go up against their enemy. PRAY that the leaders in Washington will understand how to approach situations that seem difficult in such a way that there will be a sudden move of God that will smite the envy, anger and strife we are experiencing in America today.

Prayer Focus #3 The land was filled with water as a result of the morning offering. PRAY for all of the U.S.A. to be filled with what we need to achieve peace, prosperity and unity created by God-inspired direction as we see in these Bible verses.


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