Sunday January 24, 2021 “Workers and Guardians”

  Good evening and welcome to the Sunday Night Edition of “We are the People” Prayer for America.  Every Sunday we bring together the hearts of intercessors that choose to invest a minimum of 15 minutes in prayers of agreement between the hours of 6:00p.m. and 9:00p.m. using the three focus points listed below as a guide.  May God bless you for your concern for America’s future expressed in prayer tonight.  We encourage you to join us in prayer daily and invite others to join us.

2 Kings 11:11 “Then the escorts stood, every man with his weapons in his hand, all around the king, from the right side of the temple to the left side of the temple, by the altar and the house.”

This account reminds us of Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the walls around Jerusalem. Some of the workers on the walls labored while others protected the workers. It is so important to have both at work in bringing America back to who she is and back to pre-2020 COVID days. Let us join in prayer tonight to this very end.

Prayer Focus#1 Pray that those who are charged with protecting our leaders and land will be well resourced and be ready to defend our freedom we have and the people of this great nation.

Prayer Focus#2 Proper protection was on the altar which represents freedom to worship. Pray that America will always have that freedom and that God will raise up champions who will help keep those freedoms. For without God being at the center of our core, we will not be able to live under the hand of God’s blessing as we were in the past.

Prayer Focus #3 The men guarded the “house”- the living quarters of the young King Joash. Pray that there will be leader in our land who will defend traditional, biblical family values. The family is what holds a people together.


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