Saturday May 15, 2021 “Making a Nation Sin”

2 Kings 14:23-24 “In the fifteenth year of Amaziah the son of Joash, king of Judah, Jeroboam the son of Joash, king of Israel, became king in Samaria, and reigned forty-one years. 24 And he did evil in the sight of the Lord; he did not depart from all the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, who had made Israel sin.”

There are so many times we read of the kings of Israel and Judah that they sinned like their fathers did. Not only did they sin, they made the entire nation sin.

There are so many legislations and orders that come out of Washington and State Capitals that are contrary to God’s Word.

We pay our taxes, and the money goes to pay for ungodly ways that vex our souls to think of paying for things we would never pay for if we had the choice. Scripture teaches we must render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar – taxes were included that paid for things that are contrary to God’s Word.

Pray this day for forgiveness of the sins of the nation that we cannot prevent ourselves from doing. Also pay that we will see righteous leaders serve in public office who will honor the Word of God and bring God’s Word back to its rightful place in society.


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