Monday May 31, 2021 “Attack From Tirzah”

2 Kings 15:16 “16 Then from Tirzah, Menahem attacked Tiphsah, all who were there, and its territory. Because they did not surrender, therefore he attacked it. All the women there who were with child he ripped open.”

Menahem once again attacked from Tirzah as he did against Samaria. The enemy has a way of coming against God’s people. He uses the same launch pad but he will send different weapons.

God will helps us recognizing the assault of the enemy when he attacks from the same area of life but at another angle – like shifting from addiction to fear of what would happen if the person cuts off the habit.

Pray that our leaders will not be blind-sided by the enemy when he comes at them in new ways that look like something different but its actually the same old tricks wrapped in new paper.


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