Sunday March 5, 2023 “A Well That Never Runs Dry”

Genesis 21:31-33

31 Therefore he called that place [a]Beersheba, because the two of them swore an oath there.32 Thus they made a covenant at Beersheba. So Abimelech rose with Phichol, the commander of his army, and they returned to the land of the Philistines. 33 Then Abraham planted a tamarisk tree in Beersheba, and there called on the name of the Lord, the Everlasting God.

Good evening and welcome to the Sunday Night Edition of “We are the People” Prayer for America.  Every Sunday we bring together the hearts of intercessors that choose to invest a minimum of 15 minutes in prayers of agreement between the hours of 6:00p.m. and 9:00p.m. using the focus point listed below as a guide. May God bless you for your concern for America’s future expressed in prayer tonight.  We encourage you to join us in prayer daily and invite others to join us.

Abraham made a covenant with Abimelech concerning a disputed well that Abraham dug. America is a well of the Spirit dug by men of God for His glory. But there are those who content that America is simply a place for many thoughts concerning time and eternity. Tonight, we will pray in agreement on the following three prayer points:

Prayer Focus #1: Pray that God’s people will realize that many of those who first came to our shores brought with them a desire for this land to be a place where the well of God would never run dry. They gave themselves to the Lord whole-heartedly to dig those wells of faith and so should we in these days.  

Prayer Focus #2: Pray that those who are in leadership roles in America will have wisdom in what they agree to. There are many that desire to pollute the wells of righteous according to the word of God. We must support and influence leaders who desire for America’s wells to run clear once again.

Prayer Focus #3: Abraham planted a tree which is symbolic of believing for hope in the future. He also prayed to God near the tree. Pray that we believers will plant the old wooden cross once again as America’s standard for truth about life and eternity and commit to prayer and that there will be a desire in the hearts of all Americans to seek the Lord and truth.


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